Trusted Conservative with Family Values

David Badnell

For Judge

Know about my Vision

David is known for his passion, dedication, and relentless commitment to his clients. Whether he was handling a difficult divorce case, serious criminal charges, or a personal injury claim, he has the skills and knowledge to help anyone get the results they deserve. His clients have always been his top priority, and now he looks forward to the future and helping more and more with justice and fairness.

Family Principles 

David Badnell has always been a dedicated family man. David supports his son on the sidelines of his baseball games, always cheering him on and encouraging his son’s growth. You can find him at the Mansfield Symphony Youth Orchestra, listening to his daughter, who recently received her letter, play Viola alongside the best in the area. He is endlessly supportive of his wife, Kelly Badnell, the Richland County Probate Judge, and can’t wait to join her with the title of “Judge.” David has always had unwavering moral and personal values, which have allowed him to make it through law school and achieve all his goals in life. He feels so fortunate to have found a wonderful wife to share these values with and teach their children to be a strong, diligent people.